Here are most of the Products we Support
Popular Software


Our Planet Earth Support experts can quickly install and configure popular software products. So, you can focus on being productive instead of being bogged down with installation problems.


After your software's installed, our experts can also give you some quick tips and shortcuts, so you don't have to read the entire manual.


MS Office OpenOffice Google Doc Adobe

Some typical issues that we support


  • How do I download Adobe Reader?
  • Why should I upgrade to Adobe 7.0?
  • All my excel files are in "Read only" mode.
  • My Excel file says it has links, but I don’t see any.
  • My Excel column headers ar showing numbers instead of letters.
  • How do I change the color of sheet tab?
  • I need more than 256 columns in my sheet
  • How many worksheets can I put in a workbook?
  • How do I install a new font?
  • I want to print labels from Word?
  • How do I create a new template?
Operating Systems

Windows works – if you've set it up correctly and if you've stayed current with the latest updates. Let's say you haven't, that could really mess up your day. Operating system issues can be very tricky, so you need expert help. We support all version of Windows starting version 95 and upward.

Macintosh supposedly never crash or freeze, of course, if you own a mac, you know that this is a myth.  The control and settings are much more limited on Mac, making it sometimes more difficult to troubleshoot.  Let our experts guide you through the process, and you will be operational in no time.

Planet Earth Support engineers have the expertise to guide you to problem resolution. We can assist you with Operating System setup, install the latest patches & updates, get rid of common Windows error messages, restore a mirror image of your system in case of a crash, or help you increase performance by optimizing your entire system.

Miscrosoft Windows Vista
Linux( Coming soon) Mac Snow Leopard

Some typical situations that we support

  • I want to reinstall Windows XP.
  • Why is my Mac so slow?
  • How can I upgrade to Snow Leopard?
  • Is my system current with the latest Windows updates?
  • Windows XP stops responding at the Logon or Welcome Screen.
  • How many language versions of XP are available?
  • Where is my missing disk space?
  • Where can I find out more info on XP?
PC Security & Virus Protection

Are you struggling with poor system performance and annoying pop-ups? Suspect that you have a virus? Are you paranoid that some sinister software is tracking you as you surf? Do you want to setup a personal firewall? Are you in need to setup parental control on web browsing?

Planet Earth Support experts can clean up your computer and protect it against future attacks.

Anti Virus PC Security Firewall SPAM

Some typical situations that we support

  • How do I secure my PC?
  • What are good browsing habits?
  • How do I enforce parental controls?
  • How to remove 'hijackers'?
  • Am I inside a firewall?
  • What is Ad-ware and why should I worry about it?
  • Am I being pinged, probed or attacked on this port?
  • How should I secure a wireless network?
  • What is Active-X?
Internet and VoIP

It’s a networked world, and you want to be a part of it. You need all the benefits of the Web, whether it’s buying stuff online, using instant messaging, or even downloading video clips. So, you signed up and they sent you a CD or even a broadband modem in the mail.

Relax; wipe the sweat from your forehead. Planet Earth Support engineers will help install and configure your Internet & VoIP services remotely. We'll help you set up your email accounts and fix performance problems with your Internet connection.

Internet Email Browsers VoIP Devices
ISP Instant Messenger


Some typical situations that we support :

  • How do I configure my Outlook Express?
  • How do I import my mail from Outlook?
  • How do I customize my out-going email?
  • How do I export my contacts to Excel?
  • I’m not able to connect to the Internet.
  • I’m unable to download a file from the net.
  • I am able to go online with my laptop, but not with my PC.
  • How do I create a group email list?
  • What is mail merge?
  • I’m not able to make outgoing calls from my broadband phone.
  • I have voice disturbances on my VoIP phone.
  • How do I use TIVO?
  • I need help in receiving a fax on my broadband phone.
  • How can I setup voice mail?
  • How can I use my web camera during a chat session?
  • How can I get a Google toolbar on my browser?
Home & Network Support

Welcome to the Home Support area, most issues have to do with network support, when increasingly complex devices have to "talk" to each other.

We can tell you how to connect your computers together, share printers, devices, or simply get you access the Internet.

Let us set up you setup and secure your wireless network.

Whenever you need help with your home network, our Planet Earth network experts are ready, willing, and able to assist you.


Wired Networking
Wireless Networking
Home networking products Wireless Router
Internet Modem
Print Server
Networking Adapters Web Browsers

Some typical situations that we support:

  • I can't connect to the Internet.
  • How do I secure my wireless connection?
  • How do I share files on the network?
  • My router does not allow me to play games on the network.
  • How can I block sites on the Internet with my router?
  • What's wrong with my browser?
  • How do I install my wireless router?
  • How do I upgrade my router's firmware?
  • Does a router replace the modem.
  • Do I need a wireless card to go online?
  • How do I add PC to my wireless network?
  • Sharing of print server with my network?
  • Installing my webcam and connecting to the net.
  • When connecting to the net with routers, its very slow.
  • What is WEP security?
  • I think I have an intruder logging into my router.
  • Is someone "leeching" my internet connection?
PC, Mac, & Device Support

Planet Earth Support engineers will troubleshoot and resolve your concerns providing technical support through telephone and using our remote control tools. It's like having an IT expert at your side, except we save you the cost of an on-site visit.

Get the best out of your PC & other computer-connected electronic devices by getting the “How To” assistance you need.

Planet Earth Support engineers can help you install and troubleshoot any problems, or errors that you have.

Call us if you have a slow PC, when you want to install a new printer, connect to the internet, or transfer files from your digital camera to the computer.


GPS Devices

Camera with PC

Ethernet/Sound cards
GPS devices
(Coming Soon)

Camera with PC

Ethernet/Sound cards
We support mac gadgets
Mac Webcam Storage Device
Smart Phones

Some typical situations that we support

  • My monitor is blank. I don’t see anything on it.
  • My PC hangs whenever I open a large file.
  • My computer really slows down after connecting to the Internet.
  • How do I troubleshoot sound related issues on the computer?
  • My screen goes blank after few minutes.
  • I can't hear any sound while playing my DVD.
  • My system is continuously asking me to press F1, but nothing happens.
  • My system keeps starting in safe mode only.
  • Applications are taking a long time to open.
  • It takes 5 minutes to get my regular desktop page.
  • How can I clear temporary files?
  • My color printer prints only black and white.
  • Why do printouts from my printer have a lower border?
  • My print jobs appear in the print queue but don’t print.
  • How can I share pictures from my digital camera?
  • How do I print pictures from my digital camera?


Planet Earth Support offers best-in-class tech support for PC, laptop, printer, scanner, handheld

such as palmtop, GPS devices, Ethernet cards, gaming devices and digital camera. Treat

us as your 24x7 technical support help desk, support center or a personal technology


Get Tech Support : 1 (888) 709-0944

Latest Virus Alerts

Securelist / Alerts
Securelist / Alerts

    Kaspersky Lab warns users about the emergence online of a new version of the Gpcode ransomware program.

    The program spreads via malicious websites and P2P networks.

    Kaspersky Lab products detect the program as

    You can read more on our blog.

  • Email-Worm.Win32.VBMania

    Kaspersky Lab is monitoring a new email worm which is currently spreading. Emails spreading the worm say “Here you have” in the subject line.

    We detect the worm as Email-Worm.Win32.VBMania.

    While the servers hosting related downloads have been taken down, we are keeping customers updated and protected against any new variants.

  • Net-Worm.Win32.Kido
    Kaspersky Lab has detected that multiple variants of Kido, a polymorphic worm, are currently spreading widely.

    Kaspersky Lab has detected that multiple variants of Kido, a polymorphic worm, are currently spreading widely.

    Net-Worm.Win32.Kido exploits a critical vulnerability (MS08-067) in Microsoft Windows to spread via local networks and removable storage media.

    The worm disables system restore, blocks access to security websites, and downloads additional malware to infected machines.

    Users are strongly recommended to ensure their antivirus databases are up to date. A patch for the vulnerability is available from Microsoft.

    Detailed descriptions of, Net-Worm.Win32.Kido.dv and Net-Worm.Win32.Kido.fx are available in the Virus Encyclopaedia. A dedicated removal tool is available here.